Custom Design Policy

Thank you for your interest in having a special custom piece of Tatiana’s beadwork art created for you.  In order to ensure this is a positive experience for both Tatiana and you, there are a few policies you should be aware of before making your request.  If you decide to pursue a custom order, this is the process flow:

  1. You – Fill in the Custom Order Request form and submit it to Tatiana for a quote.
  2. Tatiana – Reviews the request and begins the process of conceptualizing the end artwork.  If there are any questions, she will contact you for clarification about the specifics.  You will then be sent the finished proposal, which will include a list of basic materials, the estimated time to complete the piece, and the price.
  3. You – After reviewing the proposed design, you have the option to request changes, accept the proposal or decline (at no cost).  If you accept the proposal, a 50% down payment is required in order to cover the cost of materials, as well as Tatiana’s time.  Please keep in mind that there may be a waiting list for special projects.  If this is the case and you are willing to wait, you will be contacted again as soon as Tatiana is ready to start work on your piece, in order to confirm your order.
  4. Tatiana – After receiving the down payment, Tatiana will create your custom artwork.  If she reaches any design decision points and would like your input on how to proceed further, she will contact you.  Upon completion of the artwork, pictures will be taken and sent to you via email for your review.
  5. You – After approving the emailed pictures, you will pay the remainder of the balance.  However, if the final work does not meet your expectations, you can request a refund.  If all materials in the design are provided by Tatiana, the refund is limited by cost of materials and time spent.  If you provided materials for the custom design and their removal from the completed artwork for return to you will damage the finished artwork, the refund amount will be subject to the cost of replacing your materials in the design.
  6. Tatiana – Upon receiving final payment, the finished artwork will be shipped via the option you select when paying the balance.

Please Note:  Tatiana reserves the right to decline a custom request for any reason at any time.