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About The Artist -

About The Artist

Tatiana FitzpatrickTatiana Fitzpatrick was born in Siberia, but spent most of her formative years in the city of Magadan, which is located in far eastern Russia.  The region’s remoteness, abundance of nature, and the marvelous beauty of Russia’s rough country greatly influenced her perception of the world and guided the creativity in her poems, songs and handmade crafts.  The family atmosphere which she experienced while growing up, as well as in her new life here in America, have helped to develop her skills to the point where her “hobby” has become both her passion and avocation.

Tatiana received her master’s degree in economics and management, and graduated with honors from the University of Magadan.  After graduation, she worked in Magadan’s customs office as a Chief Inspector.  But after marriage, she left work to be with her family (she now has three daughters). She loves to travel, and has been fortunate enough to live in such diverse places as Russia, South Korea, Oregon, and now – Arizona.

Beads are an integral part of her life, and she devotes every free minute to her favorite pastime.  Tatiana is interested in creating jewelry, clothing and other objects which can be artistically accented by beadwork.  In the design and development of her creations, she uses many different techniques and methods – some which are well-known and others which she has devised herself.  She loves to work with antique and vintage micro beads – sizes 18 to 26, which haven’t been produced since 1918, when the last factories making them closed.  Tatiana enjoys working with these tiny beads, which provide the opportunity to create graceful, miniature items, with thin lines and little details which are simply impossible to create using coarser material.  Working with such small beads requires extraordinary patience and concentration, as well as plenty of time.  (For example, she worked from 6 to 14 hours a day for over 9 months in order to produce the set “Spring’s Nascency”).

Fashion is transient, but feelings are eternal.  Tatiana’s art represents her inner feelings. She believes art should display light and beauty, and appeal to the best sides of humanity, evoking positive emotions and encouraging spiritual growth and self-perfection.  Every piece of her art is unique, and made with love – to both God and mankind, in appreciation of the beauty surrounding her life.

In 2009, Tatiana had a personal exhibition in South Korea, hosted by the Busan International Women’s Association.  For five years in a row (2009-2013), her works (necklaces “Dream of Marvelous Spatula,” “The Stone Flower,” “All About Love,” and “Glory of Forgiveness,” as well as the set “Spring’s Nascency” and the carpet “Anastasia”) have become finalists in the “Bead Dreams” competition held in the USA. In 2013 carpet “Anastasia” became first-prize winner in the category “Objects and Accessories” and won “Best in Show” in this the most prestigious competition in the world.  Her necklace “The Stone Flower” also won First Prize and “Best in Show” in the global U.S. Army art competition held in 2010.